Synth-only Playlist Update #3

We finally found the time for another Spotify playlist update! This time we found synth-only tracks by French legends Cassius and Kavinsky, a wonderful synthapella by techno legends Romboy & Bodzin and a bit of DOOM soundtrack music by Mick Gordon. Enjoy! Any tracks you’d like to see on this list? Drop us a message here. Marc Romboy, […]

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Synth-only Playlist Update #2

Our next Spotify playlist update has landed! We’ve found catchy retro vibes by Le Matos and Mitch Murder, a bit of Mr. Robot film music, and classic gems by Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. Any tracks you’d like to see on this list? Drop us a message here.

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Felsmann + Tiley – August

Unbelievable that it’s August 2018 already, which means autumn is around the corner. Which means, it’s going to be winter in no time. And bam, another year gone!

So right now is the perfect time to capture and savour one of those feel-good summer music festival vibes. That’s what we tried to do with our new song “August” and painted it with a nice touch of retro synth.

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Synth Speak – The 6 Most Important Synth Sounds You Need To Know

When talking about music we often describe what a particular instrument is sounding like. For example “that guitar in Santana’s ‘Maria, Maria’ is so smooth”. With electronic music, it’s mostly up to producers to give names to the types of sounds they’re designing and using. For the listener on the other hand it’s kind of hard to express what they like about a track.

We want to make sure that when we’re writing about synth-only music, everyone understands what were saying. That’s why we’re introducing the most important sound ‘categories’ in this post.

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Greg Haines – So It Goes

Label: Denovali Records Cat. No.: den171 Released in: 2013 “So It Goes” by the English composer Greg Haines is a spheric synth-only beauty. Its mood swings from melancholic to hopeful and takes a few minutes to build. Once those analog filters open up it’s pure bliss! A glimpse behind the curtain reveals that no other […]

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