Synth Speak – The 6 Most Important Synth Sounds You Need To Know

When talking about music we often describe what a particular instrument is sounding like. For example “that guitar in Santana’s ‘Maria, Maria’ is so smooth”. With electronic music, it’s mostly up to producers to give names to the types of sounds they’re designing and using. For the listener on the other hand it’s kind of hard to express what they like about a track.

We want to make sure that when we’re writing about synth-only music, everyone understands what were saying. That’s why we’re introducing the most important sound ‘categories’ in this post.

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Our Manifesto

We started Rare Ware Co. as a platform on which we put synthesizer-only music first. It doesn’t matter what mood, style, whether it’s old or new. But it has to be performed with nothing but synthesizers. By definition it excludes music with drums, percussions, samples or “real” instruments. The exception that proves the rule – vocals are allowed.

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