Rare Ware Co. is a synthesizer-only music platform by composer duo Felsmann + Tiley.

Our goal is to feature, support and release music which has been written and performed exclusively with synths and doesn’t rely on beats or percussions. Read our Manifesto here.

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Label Demo Submissions

Dear Artist,

We look forward to receiving your work for consideration. Please adhere to the guidelines below and we guarantee to carefully listen to your music and send feedback.

  1. Your music must be “synthesizer-only”. Synth-only means no use of drums, percussions (even if you could synthesize them) and any other instruments (strings, guitar, piano etc.). Every good rule requires an exception. The exception is vocals.
  2. Be original. Interpret synth-only from your own angle.
  3. Tell a story, have a concept. Who are you? What is your music about?
  4. Please don’t submit a single song. Send an EP.
  5. demos@rareware.co