We started Rare Ware Co. as a platform on which we put synthesizer-only music first. It doesn’t matter what mood, style, whether it’s old or new. But it has to be performed with nothing but synthesizers. By definition it excludes music with drums, percussions, samples or “real” instruments. The exception that proves the rule – vocals are allowed.

Why synth-only? Dominik called me last year asking: “Hey, do you think starting a “synth-ensemble” instead of a string-ensemble could work? Synth music played live, just like a string-ensemble – but with the “superior” sound-bending, modulating and design possibilities of synthesizers. A string-ensemble on steroids basically.” I loved the idea and said, why don’t we just start writing a few synth-only songs and find out. And so we did.

After some digging around we realised that synth-only was not a new concept as such. Many artists had touched on the topic before: Stephan Bodzin’s Synthapellas, some of Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm’s neo-classical compositions, Hans Zimmer in Bladerunner 2049 and of course Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein with their score for the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. Having said that, apart from some artists focussing on drone music and ambient soundscapes, nobody has consistently worked in this space – and that’s where we come in.

Rare Ware Co. will be the platform for any synth-only content: we will create a music repository, review tracks, write about the people involved and build or very own catalogue of compositions. This platform is for music enthusiasts. Anyone who loves the sound of synthesizers is welcome to contribute. So please do get in touch and help us build this space, be it by sharing tracks you like, submitting your own compositions or getting more people involved.

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